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Description: Each set is made from high temperature Bone China porcelain, set includes 6 teacups (with 160ml capacity) with 6 saucers and 6 teaspoons, 1 teapot, 1 milk pot, and 1 sugar pot.  Total of 21 pieces per set
Product Specs: Teacup is 10.5cm length w/ ears, 8cm diameter, 6.5cm height  | Saucer is 14.5cm diameter | Sugar bowl with lid is 10cm height x 12cm width with handle  | Teaspoon is 12.5cm length (approximately 3kg)


Microwave Safe: No
Oven Safe: No
Dishwasher Safe: Yes but not recommended, dishwashers can be harsh on the product colors depending on machine setting


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